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The Gambian Schools Trust is a small educational charity run by 6 unpaid Trustees, who donate their time, energy and administration costs freely. All trips to the Gambia are funded entirely by the individual visiting for any reason. This means that every penny raised or donated goes directly to the school or project it is intended for.

Through the generosity of its supporters, the Trust has been able to build, equip and maintain 5 nursery schools, (3 with school gardens), provide10 libraries within the State school system (either as new build or conversion of an existing building), to collect ship and distribute 12- 40ft containers filled with school materials, furniture and resources and to build 6 new village wells, convert 5 open wells into sealed hand pump wells and to facilitate projects involving British businesses and universities. Links have been established between many schools in the UK and Gambia.

The Trust works in partnership with the Gambian Ministry of Education under a Memorandum of Understanding. The benefits of this to the Trust include an import duty waiver on education materials, access to Ministry vehicles for major deliveries, an insight into future educational plans and ambitions, and the avoidance of duplication of effort with other Charities.

A spokesman for the Gambian Government, Honourable Ousman Bah, recently expressed his thanks to the Trust on behalf of the Government of the Gambia and the communities that have benefited from the schools and libraries built and the materials and equipment provided. The Government have realised the benefit of early school development and are linking nurseries to the Lower Basic schools. It has been noted that children who have been to nursery school do much better that those that haven't when they move up. Ousman went on to say that the Government was committed to support the Gambian Schools Trust and Nursery Education and will provide and pay for teachers to staff any schools built by the charity. Schools built by the Charity at Loumen, Jamwelly and Kumbija already benefit from this arrangement and the school at Kumbija has now been fully handed over to the government. See below a letter from the sponsors of the school at Kumbija.

Kumibija/Blue Water School

On behalf of us all at The Blue Water Partnership I would like to express our satisfaction at the great news that the school at Kumbija is to be taken over and developed by the Gambian government.  

We have been concerned for some time about the long term prospects for the school but the solution now developing seems excellent.  It means all the hard work that you The Gambian Schools Trust have done to negotiate, build and support the school have left a lasting legacy.  Together we have succeeded in providing high quality schooling for a large number of children in the years since the school was built, who would otherwise not have had the opportunity.  Those youngsters will carry this gift with them for the rest of their lives and to the benefit of their wider communities. And now we can be sure that the village and surrounding areas will continue to benefit into the long term future.

Congratulations to you all, it has been a pleasure to be associated with you for this very rewarding project.

Gordon Roscoe

Managing Director

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Maggie’s Well

In 2016 The Gambian Schools Trust completed a well in the village of Sambalang Besse. This village was without a water supply. The well was dedicated to the memory of Maggie Boyle and it was officially presented to the village by Maggie's son Joe, seen here in the photo.

Maggie Boyle was greatly loved and cared for by countless people in her extended family, the folk community and beyond.  She passed away on 6th November 2014 and we are grateful for all those who contributed to make Maggie's Well happen. Thank you.


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This year we are collecting used pens, hi-lite pens, marker pens all felt tips and empty tippex bottles.  Please forward them to the charity for recycling.

The Gambian Schools Trust is a small educational charity supported entirely by donations, fundraising activities and unpaid volunteers.
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